​Norland 48" rotary accumulation table

Krones Sleevematic

-500max bottles per minute
-Standard Batch
-Right to Left Direction 
-Cutting Unit S
-Film Expanding Mandrel
-Film Cutting Unit w/ Several Servo-Controlled Cutters
-Sleeve Length Infitley Adjustable 
-Electronic Cutting Mark Control
-Deaeration Perforation
-Integral Machine Guardiing in Hinged Door Design
-415v     50Hz

Krones Shrinkmat Steam Tunnel

- Overhead Steam Manifold w/ 11 Steam Control Valves and Gauges
- 2 Exhaust Ports: 5 1/2in diameter
- 1 Exhaust Port (Top of Steam Manifold): 6 1/2in Diameter 
- Opening 6in & Adjustable 
- Chain Width: 4 1/2in

- Length: 238in
- Width: 27 1/2in
- Height: 90in

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