​Zalkin 8 hd Capper

Fogg 36/18 Filler set on 28mm with Adlin 28mm Sports Cap Capper

Change parts for 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 16oz, 1 liter, 1.5 liter

Filling & Capping

KHS Filler / Capper

- KHS 90 Valve pressure gravity filler
- White Cap 20hd "cap in head" capper
- 7 / 8 " valves
- 43 mm chucks
- DOM 1995
- Right to left container flow direction (CCW Turret)
White Cap 20hd Capper:
- 20 capping heads
- Allen Bradley Panelview 1000
- 25 5/16in diameter starwheel x2
- 47 5/16in diamter starwheel
- Piston Length: 7 1/2in
- Piston diameter: 3in
- Feed Screw Length: 28in
- Infeed Conveyor Width: 2in
- Infeed Conveyor Length: 60 1/2in
- Machine Length: 184in
- Machine Width: 96in
- Machine Height: 118 1/2in


60 Valve Filler w/ Plastic Capping Turret

-Counter Pressure Machine 
-16 Head Pick and Place Capping Turret
-Left to Right Container Flow
-Neck Handling on Filling Turret
-Capper is Neck Handling w/ Base Plates
-Currently set 28mm Plastic Caps
-All Stainless Steel Cabinets

-4.25in Centers on Filler
-4.25in Centers on Capper

-Infeed Star DIameter: 16in
-Tranfer Star Diameter: 21in
-Discharge Star Diameter: 21in

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