2001 Norland Spectrapack 5000 Bottling Line 

Line is complete with manual feed table, Rinser, Filler, Capper, Labeler, Accumulation Conveyor

100 valve Crown carbonated bottling line

Made by Criveller California Corporation
Never Used 
Item 10115307-RT9-1S Monobloc RT 9/1 includes corker
Item 10135306 – S1/L S1/ZETA Labeler
Rated to do up to 600 cases per day.

2012 Norland Spectrapack 5000 Bottling Plant

Complete Spectrapack 5000 Bottling Line

Freedom Series 3000 Blow Mold System 3000bph

Norland Auto Adjusting Unscrambler

​Molds for 500ml, 600ml, 1 liter, 1.5 liter

​Flavored Water System with 1400 gal tank

​Reverse Osmosis rated at 5,500gpd

Pre Treatment with Carbon Filter

Ozone System 50gpm

Case Pack 5000 Casepacker

​Shrink Wrap 5000

3000gal PVC Tank

1400gal Cone Bottom Tank

Air Compressor with 120gal tank

Date Coder

​Stainless Steel Conveyor System

$15K in New Preforms


Bottling Lines