Norland Model 600 5 gallon Rack Staker

Norland BW150 & BF150 5 Gallon Bottling System

Five Gallon Equipment

Steelhead Ultra 350 5 gallon system Mfg 2008

 Delivered in 2009

  2009 Steelhead Ultra 350 with all upgraded electronics.  New
  drive chain with sprockets, bearings, springs & drive motor..
  New Cap Sorter Motor, it has original pumps with motors.
New bottle cups
1 Steelhead semi automatic decapper head 
CD 15000 Ozonator for rinse water

Includes RO System  2009 Pureflo R/O 32 KGPD, new touch screen ($1,800.00)
  Most solenoid vales replaced.
Like New Water Heater
 Rheem Natural Gas Water Heater 199,000BTU, 100 Gallons
1 Harmsco Hurricane Filter Housing 170 GPM, HC 170
Unit was updated and refurbished by Steelhead


This is a 2000 model that was fully refurbished in 2015 with a warranty 
from Steelhead and has not been used since.


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